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the take wing tarot experience

Tarot helps us discover ourselves and gain clarity. It illuminates the dark corners and brings information into the light so we may integrate what we find as we so choose.
It is the application of this knowledge that is power, and the power always lies within us.

Tarot divination simply brings you that much closer to aligning with your purpose -  

in all areas of your life.



Come prepared.

Take the time before your appointment to think through what it is you want to ask.

Be specific. Get quiet; meditate.

Ask yourself what do you really want to know.



Now that you've asked yourself, LISTEN for the answer. Start writing in a stream of consciousness kind of way, and get out of your way. Don't censor. Keep writing until the crux of the issue, the question at hand, becomes clear.



There are no bad or stupid or crazy questions.  There are, however, vague questions. And the more vague your question, the more vague your answer will be...and vice versa.

So be specific. 



You are welcome to take notes as I do not provide a recording of your session. However, if you would like a recording, please ask me before we begin and you can use your own recording device, but I must approve of it prior to your recording the session.  Okie dokie?



Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about my services, my technique or tarot divination in general. I will provide you with my address or an alternately agreed upon venue when you book an appointment.


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